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New! Tuesday Trivia!

Trying something new here, so please humor me.  Last year during the first time we all tried "15 days to stop the spread," I purchased this trivia game so that my wife and I had something to do besides watch television all day.  The "Most Excellent 80's and 90's Trivia Game" is all that and a bag of chips.  It says so right on the box!  

Kidding aside, we played a few times, and it went right into the basement storage closet, where I found the game just the other day.  I had an idea how I could use this game and create more fun reasons for you, dear reader, to keep returning to YesterYear, especially when I don't have a new article or story for you to read.  


Every Tuesday, I'll be posting a few 80's and 90's trivia questions for you to test your knowledge of nostalgia and pop culture history!  

Don't worry; the answers will be hidden, so it doesn't ruin the fun.  You can easily read them by highlighting the black block of text to reveal the answers!  

Ready?  Here goes Round One!

A) Who voiced the Genie in Disney's Aladdin?

B) What popular stuffed animal became a collectors craze in 1993?  

C) What symbol separates the band AC/DCs logo between the AC and DC?

D) What 80s police procedural followed the lives of two female NYPD detectives?

Highlight the black block of text to reveal the answers!

A) Robin Williams
B) Beanie Babies
C) A lightning bolt
D) Cagney and Lacey