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Retro RePost: RollerJam... Pro Wrestling on Wheels

Friday, March 5, 2021

Things are a little busy in life at the moment, so content will be a little slow coming this month.  I've decided to do some deep dives and my early days of writing for this website and hopefully attract a new audience to some of my older works that I'm proud of.  

One of those things I'm happy to present to you today is "RollerJam... Pro Wrestling on Wheels!"  

As you'll read in the article, this was something I had wanted to put together for YEARS before ever thinking of even having a website like this.  I LOVED this show growing up, and there is hardly any information on it online besides a few blurbs here and there.  

So please, lace up those rollerblades and go check out "RollerJam... Pro Wrestling on Wheels!" 

RollerJam... Pro Wrestling on Wheels

Monday, November 4, 2019

Like everyone else in the late 90's I was hooked on professional wrestling.  I had been a fan going back to 1989 or '90 when I was 5 years old and had found WCW on Saturday evenings at my Grandparents' house.   Like many others though I was utterly OBSESSED during the wrestling boom of the "Monday Night War."

It was in my high school cafeteria one day when my friend Joe asked if I was going to watch "RollerJam"?  I asked what that was and he explained in colorful detail the new wrestling-on-roller blades commercial he saw during WWF's RAW. I must have been over on the other channel watching WCW's Nitro and missed it.  Our other wrestling friend Andrew then mentioned it was a new version of roller derby.