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Summer Vacation Starts Now!

Memorial Day is already over and summer is unofficially here! 
Where I grew up in New York, our schools wouldn't let out for Summer Vacation until about the 15th or 20th of June.  We'd then have all July and August off before returning for the new school year after Labor Day.  

These days, summer is the busy season at work, and getting time off for vacation or even a backyard BBQ is hard to come by.  It seems people want to fly places during their summer vacation and I guess that means we have to fly them there!  In our house, our Summer Vacation has to wait until September or October when travel begins to die down and time off at work is more plentiful.  It works out though because there are often great deals to be had during the slow time of year and the airports, cruise ships, and campgrounds aren't crowded! 

With all that said, I'm thinking some summer-themed posts are in order to celebrate our version of Summer Vacation of 2021!

I've been planning some summer-themed articles about some summery stuff that I hope you'll enjoy!  We'll cover some summer-related pop culture events, some of my own fun summer memories, and some summer "Retro Scans" that feature some of summer's big blockbuster movies! 

Hopefully, these things put you in the mood for some warm weather and summer fun as you take the road trip down memory lane with me into the Summers of YesterYear.