Born in the '80s.  Child of the '90s.

YesterYear Retro was launched in October 2019 to document personal or pop culture memories and events from my youth.  Growing up during the late 80s, 90s, and into the early 00s, I had such a wonderful childhood.  I truly enjoyed being a kid, and spend a lot of time reminiscing of "the good old days."  I also spend quite a bit of time thinking about how I can create a similar, unforgettable experience for my own child.

It all started in the Fall of 2019, when one of the biggest nostalgia websites, The Retro Network, held an essay contest for its readers.  I'd long been an avid reader of the folks at The Retro Network and their personal blogs, but never dared try to write anything myself.  After tossing around some ideas in my head, I submitted an article about the great line of toys from Dick Tracy, based on the hit 90s movie.

I enjoyed researching and the writing so much that I decided that win or lose, I was going to create this site so that I could continue writing once the contest was over.  I ended up winning that contest, and I'm proud to say that along with this website, I'm a small contributor on the staff of "The Retro Network" website.  You'll find most of my work here but occasionally I'll pop up on The Retro Network and elsewhere. 

Here at YesterYear, I hope to offer informative written tributes to the things that made my childhood so great.   I understand some of my articles can be lengthy, but I really want to make use of this site to take 'deep dives' and provide as much information as possible.  Besides, sometimes the seemingly small details just interest me!  Each article is an opportunity for me to research (and hopefully for you to discover) new things about stuff that I fondly remember, had forgotten, or never knew existed! 

My hope is that this site serves as not only written documentation of times gone by but a memory jogger for myself... and YOU the reader!  I love getting emails from readers saying "I had totally forgotten about this!" or "I never knew that happened!"  An even bigger treat for me is when a reader emails with a question about something from their own childhood and I help them 'spark' a long lost memory!  

By the way, I'm Jeff.  I grew up just north of New York City, and after almost 20 years on Long Island, I've recently moved to New Hampshire.  I'm married to a beautiful and brilliant woman that I met in college, that now seems like "way back when."  I'm excited to watch our child grow and develop similar memories that they will create for themself.  At the very least I'll have someone else to share my "old" memories with!  

Enjoy the site and the road trip down memory lane!

By the way...

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