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Retro RePost: Coca-Cola's Monsters of the Grid Iron

This is one of the first articles I ever wrote, and it's still very important to me.  It first appeared on The Retro Network before showing up here, and I'm happy to repost it again for this year's Halloween.

I spent YEARS researching online to find information about this sales promotion.  I turned up empty-handed every time and began to wonder if I hallucinated the whole thing.  Every once in a while during college or when I was bored in a hotel room at work, I'd spend time Google-ing but never could come up with anything remotely resembling what I was looking for.  

Please click on for more!

I had been utterly convinced that I was looking for a Snicker's candy bar promotion involving 1-800 numbers, NFL players, and secret codes. You'll read all about it in the article, but after I stumbled across a football player dressed as a monster on a trading card with the red Coke logo... I knew instantly just how wrong I had been.

Click HERE to view an old Retro Scan from that Monsters of the Grid Iron trading card set from last year.  

So, if you wheeeeel (Dusty Rhodes voice, of course), please click the link below to learn how I spent my time at Granny's house, drinking soda, and dialing 1-800 numbers to try to win some prizes and talk to NFL players!