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Retro RePost: Christmas on Home Improvement and Roseanne

As an aside, I'd like to point out I've finally gotten around to updating the Video Drive-In with some great Christmas content!  Head over and check it out, eveyrthing from the full version of the classic Rankin/Bass animation "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," to a documentary about how Coca Cola and Santa Claus became connected.  You'll also find the full Garfield Christmas special and a full hour of 1990s Christmas commercials!

As we approach Christmas, I'd like to make this week's "RePost" about two articles I had a lot of fun writing.  

Going back to watch the holiday episodes in Home Improvement (2020), Roseanne (2021), and this year's Frasier, I really enjoy watching these old episodes, so I can recap them here.  They aren't only great episodes and sitcoms "classics," but it reminds me of times gone by.  

I vividly remember watching the Home Improvement episodes with my parents in our living room every year.  We loved the Christmas episodes, as Tim always made the holidays special for his family in his own outlandish way.  

Watching the Roseanne episodes reminded me of nights in college, watching Roseanne in syndication.  I was seeing these episodes for the first time with my friends, or by myself, in the dorm and really enjoyed that time.

This year, I've been covering the holidays on Frasier.  While Frasier may have run for 11 seasons, it only played host to two Halloween episodes and two Thanksgiving episodes.

However, the series featured EIGHT Christmas episodes!  

The plan is to have "Christmas on Frasier" post on Friday morning this week, December 16th, 2022.  Until then, please go back and check out my two previous Christmas articles!


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