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Retro RePost: A Cartoon Christmas - A Flintstone Christmas

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, but sometimes I think I must have grown up watching too much television.  I honestly don't consider it too much compared to some, as the TV became a babysitter to most of us back then, like YouTube and iPads are to today's kids.  But when I think about memories from the late 80s and early 90s, many of them have something to do with the TV.  

Christmas specials are no different.  Granted, we all consume media differently these days, but it was a shared experience back then.  We ALL watched them.  It was appointment viewing.  We also watched them repeatedly if we were lucky enough to record it on the VCR.  If not, we looked forward to seeing them again next year.  It became a tradition.  

These days, we certainly don't get new Christmas specials that I would consider worth an annual rewatch.  Aside from the endless Hallmark or Great American Family Christmas movies, there just seemingly isn't anything being produced *just* for the holiday.  Maybe a "special episode" on Disney Junior of Mickey Mouse and Friends?  Perhaps, but none of it will be watched thirty... or fifty... years from now like the stuff we grew up with.

Yes, I realize I'm looking at today's holiday ventures from an adult point of view and not the attachment we had as kids to OUR stuff.  To be fair, though, my daughter doesn't seem to care much for most of the newer stuff produced on television today when it comes to the paltry selection of holiday entertainment.  She is, however, happy to sit with Mom and Dad to watch the "old stuff" and see how we celebrated Christmas back in the day.  

Regarding Christmas specials, some of the very best ones are animated.  The colorful animation just brings out the imagination in children (and adults) and makes that childlike Christmas wonder all the more wonderful.  

This 1977 Christmas special was the feature of "A Cartoon Christmas" here at YesterYear in 2021.  It focuses on Fred and the gang finding themselves in a familiar storyline amongst Christmas specials.  Santa needs their help, and these Hanna-Barbera animated icons of animation find themselves happy to oblige.  

Please click the above link and relive the 1977 classic "A Flintstone Christmas!"  

I'll see you Monday with this year's entry into "A Cartoon Christmas:"  A Garfield Christmas!