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Retro RePost: Scorch: The Short Lived Show About A Dragon

With my last article about television shows from the 90s, I was reminded of a feature I wrote for The Retro Network about a year ago.  The article covered a short-lived show most people have forgotten, or never knew existed, from that time period.  Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed this program, it didn't last long and eventually disappeared into the dustbin of television history.  

In 1992, I was in 2nd grade.  I saw a commercial one evening for a new show about an adorable-looking dragon puppet and was hooked instantly.  Excitedly, I made sure I was watching TV that night when "Scorch" first aired.

Scorch only lasted three episodes before being canceled.  For four weeks that year in school, my friends and I were obsessed with this show and then it suddenly disappeared.  As the youngsters we were, we were confused.  Did the channel suddenly forget to put it on the schedule?  What happened?