Top 5 Shock Jock Shows of the 90s

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

During the 90s America was going through a change.  People were becoming rebellious against a more reserved popular culture in favor of main-stream acceptance of more graphic language, sexuality, and violence in mass media.  For the younger generation that grew up with the internet in their front pocket and can find the most insane things within seconds, it's kind of hard to understand just what it was like.  For guys like me, coming of age in the 1990s when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) still had a pretty tight grip on "decency" guidelines for television, radio, and movies, things seemed a little restricted you might say.  As a teenager with countless hours spent driving my car around listening to the radio, however, societal changes were palpable.  One of the major forces behind such change, whether it be the blue-collar stiff on the job site or a growing teenager like myself was the boom of talk radio shock jocks.

Often referred to as "Boobs and Beer Talk", but officially called "Hot Talk" in the radio world, shock jocks would entertain listeners using humor and exaggeration that some portions of the listening audience likely would find offensive.  The talk show hosts would use "theater of the mind" style radio tricks to excite and rile up the listeners making themselves the radio dial's equivalent to a tabloid magazine.   Around the turn of the century, shock jocks pretty much disappeared.  Why did it end so suddenly, though?

Now Playing! 90's Cartoon Flashback!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Happy 2020 everyone!  After a ton of content over the holiday season I took a few weeks off and it's been a while since I posted here on YRM or over on TRN.  With the new baby on the way any day now it's been quite busy around here as we get ready and try to wrap up loose ends. 

I've got a few ideas for some new and exciting retro content for you, so be on the lookout for that! 

In the meantime, I thought it'd be fun to look at some fun Retro 90's cartoons that I remember watching before the school bus showed up every morning.  So head on over to the YRM Video Playhouse and check out some awesome 90's flashbacks! 

The Finger Poke of Doom and "Butts in Seats" 21st anniversary

Saturday, January 4, 2020

I'll admit that 21 is not a very special number when it comes to anniversaries and I'm a year late (and a dollar short) for the big 20th one.  Maybe I'm just a tad early for the 25th.  However, this past October when All Elite Wrestling began airing 'Dynamite' on WCW's old home TNT and went head to head with WWE I thought it'd be fun to take a look back at how one company tried to take on the WWF and wound up infamously shooting itself in the foot after a period of great success.  Hopefully, AEW has long term success and does not repeat history.

I've been a fan of pro wrestling since I was about 5 years old when I discovered the WCW/NWA programming one weekend while watching "The SuperStation TBS" at my Grandmother's house.  Later on, I was fortunate to be a rowdy teenager during the 1990s when the Attitude Era of the Monday Night War became one of the hottest and most exciting pop culture trends America had seen in a long time.