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Retro RePost: Christmas Collides With Pro Wrestling

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Life has been busy so far this December, with work and studying for my annual training, so I haven’t been able to finish the content I’ve been trying to produce for Christmas.  Here it is, already December 10th, and I’ve yet to post anything this month celebrating the Holiday season...

It’s time to remedy that, so I’ve decided to air a rerun so to speak... A Retro RePost, if you wheeeel (Dusty Rhodes voice) in one of my favorite posts from last Christmas:

Click the above link if you missed this last year or want to relive some good old days or wrestling gone by!  

Retro Wrestlemania Moment: 2014's Wrestlemania 30

Monday, March 9, 2020

Long time readers of this site know my history with professional wrestling.  For those that aren't aware, here are the Cliffs Notes:  In 1990, at 5 years old, I became a fan when I found WCW Saturday Night on TBS.  I then became a HUGE fan during the Attitude Era but trailed off right around 2000 when I was wrapping up high school, and WCW became as enjoyable as a colonoscopy.  I had a resurgence in 2004, where I became a fan again after finding the Playstation game series "Raw vs. Smackdown," but by 2007, I had already stopped watching again.  In 2013, CM Punk's infamous Pipe Bomb promo brought me back into the fold with the initial intrigue of "Was that real?"

But, by the start of 2014, I was about ready to set fire to my TV and never watch WWE again.  The show was beyond repetitive, and seemingly every fan-favorite wrestler was losing every match. Daniel Bryan, who I remember watching back in his ROH days as The American Dragon, was on the rise and had overwhelming fan support but kept losing matches and being placed in low-level and unimportant feuds.  CM Punk still had a large fanbase from his Pipe Bomb, but like Bryan, it was clear to fans that he was being shoved aside.  The Shield, made of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins, were fresh faces to the WWE and were young tough guys running rampant, but everyone felt it was a matter of time before Vince would "screw it up."  Then, at Royal Rumble 2014, it all fell apart.

Fans "Invade" RAW during the "Hijack RAW" movement

CM Punk walked out of the Royal Rumble and quit wrestling forever.  The fans had begun to revolt and booed anything the WWE did mercilessly.  Vince McMahon brought back the long-retired Dave Batista and placed him immediately in the top spot of the promotion.  The Road to Wrestlemania started to look a little bumpy.  After the way the year started, nobody would predict that WM30 would be one of the best Wrestlemania's in history.

Retro Wrestlemania Moment: 2004's WrestleMania 20

Monday, February 17, 2020

2004's Wrestlemania 20 was the first Pay-Per-View event I ever paid for with my own money.  My parents had mostly refused to pay the $40 price tag during the Attitude Era but would occasionally graciously agree to pay for the most significant events of the year.  I don't mean for that to come off as ungrateful, I have ZERO complaints about my childhood, and I was happy to be able to pay in 2004 for a PPV such as Wrestlemania myself.

Between 2000 and 2004, I had largely given up on wrestling.  During the boom period of the 90s, there was no bigger fan than myself, but by the time WCW began to die, I had nearly stopped watching altogether.  Things like graduating high school and just regular teenage life got in the way of watching shows that had stopped being good anyway.  By the start of 2004, though, I had gotten back into wrestling in a big way.  For whatever reason, I had seen an advertisement for the new RAW vs. Smackdown Playstation game, and something told me I had to have it.  So, one day after class, I took a ride to go buy it with my best friend and a girl that I had pretty much just met.  That girl became my wife years later!  Anyway, as far as the game goes... the guys in my dorm and I suddenly became big fans.  We played that game for hours and we eventually started watching wrestling again.

Wrestlemania 20 is probably most memorable to most fans for seeing the underdog finally get its day.  For many fans, seeing Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit finally get their moment in the sun was almost like Vince McMahon and the company not only acknowledged these two and their amazing ability... but they were acknowledging US for supporting them.