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Lunchbox Snacks of YesterYear: Drake's Cakes

Friday, February 12, 2021

Thank you for sticking through my last post, where we took a VERY in-depth look at Hostess.  It was long, but, having read it back to myself several times, I think it was very worth the time and effort I put into it, and I hope you think so too! 

Nevertheless, we're back for another edition of Lunch Box Snacks of YesterYear, this time featuring Drake's Cake!  

I mentioned in the announcement for the Lunchbox series that the Fruit Pie is my all-time favorite snack made by these companies.  I must admit, I lean toward preferring the Hostess one's taste, but I'm a bigger fan of Drake's size and shape.  The Hostess pie is one big empanada half-moon shaped pie.  Drake's is two little square ones.  Having two small snacks instead of one, regardless that it's the same amount altogether, I lean towards picking up a Drake's while I can.

Some of you may be asking, "What's a Drake?"  No, not "The Drake" on "Seinfeld" that made Jerry exclaim that he "HATES THE DRAKE!"  Although Drake's Cake does connect to the classic NBC sitcom, and I'll touch on it later.

Drake's Cake is a rival company of Hostess and the like that was primarily marketed in the Northeastern United States but some 10 or 15 years ago began expanding to the Mid-Atlantic and Southern United States.  

For a while, the Drake's Apple Fruit Pie (and all of their other snacks) had packaging that even read "Drake's by Hostess"!  What?!  How'd that happen?

Well, let's find out together, shall we?

Coming Soon: Lunchbox Snacks of YesterYear

Friday, February 5, 2021

Do you remember this commercial?  In the late 90s, Hostess made several memorable "Where's the cream filling?" commercials advertising their most popular snack cake, "The Twinkie."

This past Christmas season, I was browsing stores for different types of snacks for our house guests and came across a display of some snacks I haven't eaten in years:  Hostess, Drake's, Little Debbie, Entenmann's, and more.  The branding sucked me right in, and the bright colors and large letters on the boxes pulled on my nostalgia strings while memories of childhood snacks that Mom would occasionally toss in my lunch box came rushing back to me.  

I grabbed an armful before something else caught my eye.  All three brands had basically the same snack.  Little Debbie has the "Swiss Roll," Hostess has the "Ho-Ho," and Drake's has the "Yodel."  I knew these companies had similar products since my favorite snack, the Apple flavored "Fruit Pie," is made by all four Hostess, Drake's, Little Debbie, and Entenmann's, but I never had sampled them all at the same time.  I figured, what the heck, it's Christmas time, and picked up all 3 boxes of the chocolate pastries in front of me.  

After I got them home, my family and I sampled the Ho-Ho/Swiss Roll/Yodel variations.  Personally, I think Little Debbie wins this round, but the verdict is still out on their other snacks.  

In discussing the three snack cakes, I was reminded of the media frenzy from a few years ago when Hostess declared bankruptcy and was sold off in pieces.  I've always been interested in seemingly inconsequential things like what company owns what and what brand belongs to which company.  My Mom has always had a theory that 3 companies own everything, and she's not wrong.  Maybe she's off by a number or two, but when you think of the number of products you use and look into who owns them, the "competition" that exists between some brands seems silly.

Pondering this sale and the breakup of Hostess, and seeing some Drake's "Fruit Pies" that say "By Hostess" on them, I've decided to do a deep dive into the history of these companies.  It won't be much of a "personal perspective" article, but more of a company history and a compilation of their top brands and those brands of snacks we loved but don't exist any longer and wish were still around.  

If you'd be so kind, please keep checking back for my upcoming series of posts in February that I'll be calling "Lunchbox Snacks of YesterYear."  Before the month is through, I hope to cover Hostess, Drake's, Little Debbie, and Entenmanns, along with one or two "Retro Scans" and some other fun ideas I have floating around in my head.