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The Summer I Flunked Math and Fell In Love With the Airline Business

Monday, July 12, 2021

Let me just say... I hate math.  

I've never been good with numbers, and I was always much better at subjects like history.  I used to tell my parents (and teachers) that I didn't like math because math can always change just by using a different number, but history is concrete and never changing.  

Boy was I wrong.  Recent world events (and the media's reporting on them) have proved to us that history is only what people are told it is and not always the way it happened.  

Anyway, put plainly, I suck at math.  

In June of 1999, I was finishing up the 9th grade.  I had done fairly well all year and was looking forward to what would be my last carefree summer without a job or responsibility.  By fairly well, I mean I coasted with B's, when with minimal effort, I could have gotten straight A's.  

One afternoon a few days after school let out, my Mom answered the phone while I was on the computer in the back room.  Back then, I would have either been playing Microsoft Flight Simulator or on Prodigy reading about pro wrestling.  After a few minutes, I had already forgotten she was on the phone when she called my name with a tone that I knew meant trouble.  

I hadn't done anything (literally) for a few days now that school had ended.  Why would she be mad at me?  She handed me the phone with "the look."  

It was my Math teacher.  I don't even remember her name, but I remember thinking that it was funny she called me at home.  I had hated her class (and her, to be fair), and my first thought was of how I was happy to be free of her and her math class.  She must have called to tell me I left something in her classroom or something.

Boy, was I wrong.  

She informed me that I failed the Math Regents (a New York standardized test) and would be required to take a summer school course and retake the test in August.

Commercials of YesterYear: Kiwi International Airlines

Friday, January 29, 2021

As I mentioned in another "Commercial of YesterYear" article about Spirit Airlines (READ ABOUT IT HERE), or the Mount Airy Lodge commercials (WHICH YOU CAN READ ABOUT HERE), there were a few commercials that repeatedly aired on channels like WPIX (PIX-11) and WWOR (UPN-9) when I was a kid during the early 90s.  

Long time readers of this site know I'm an airline pilot by day, retro blogger by night.  I've always wanted to fly, except I always wanted to fly like Superman did.  When I finally realized that was impossible, airplanes became the next best thing.  I never really thought of it as a career until I was in tenth grade, and my family and I took a trip to Iowa to see my Mom's mother and her new husband... but that's an article for another day.

Before I thought of flying as a career, though, I LOVED planes.  I looked up any time I heard them when I was outside.  When I was really young, my Mom would take us to a small airport in town.  We'd pack a lunch, and we'd go watch the student pilots practice their takeoffs and landings.  My Grandparent's on my Mom's side had lived in Florida before my Grandfather's passing, and we would fly down once a year to visit with them and then spend time at Disney World, and often, the plane ride was my favorite part of the trip.

So when these commercials started repeatedly airing, sometimes two or three times per hour, I was in love.  Spirit Airlines is still around, but the other is long forgotten in the heap of post-deregulation airlines that came and went in the 80s and 90s.  

That airline was Kiwi International Airlines.

Commercials of YesterYear: Spirit Airlines

Thursday, January 7, 2021

"Catch the spirit... on Spirit Airlines!"

As a pilot, I don't fly for Spirit.  I've never flown on them and likely never will have a reason to, but if you know anything about air travel, you've heard of Spirit.  Perhaps you've even seen the viral videos on World Star Hip Hop.  Back in the day, though, Spirit was nothing like the no-frills, nickel and dime, budget airline they are today.  

Don't get me wrong, they were certainly an economy class carrier. Still, they had a niche market of leisure destinations in Florida and the Caribbean, primarily from the northeast United States states, for dirt cheap.  Today, they are a national airline with 157 planes and 77 destinations (as of the time of writing.)  

Back when I was growing up there was three commercials that would repeatedly air on FOX 5 (WNYW), UPN 9 (WWOR), and Pix 11 (WPIX).  The first was for "Beautiful" Mount Airy Lodge (which you can read about HERE!!!)  The second was a short-lived budget startup airline called Kiwi International Airlines.  The last was Spirit.

Spirit had fun little commercials that advertised cheap fares to fun-sounding places like Orlando and Las Vegas or the Caribbean with a catchy little jingle that still stays with me today.  Every time I see a Spirit plane, even now in 2021, my mind reaches back to this commercial and its catchy little tune.