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Retro RePost: Was that the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in Christmas Vacation?

Friday, December 2, 2022

As we get past that post-Thanksgiving food coma and run full speed into the holiday spirit, here at home, I'm busy decorating, relaxing, and preparing for my annual simulator training for work.  Throw in the extra-busy holiday flight schedule, and my free time is limited.   

So, forgive another RePost here, but this one's a good one from 2019 featuring my favorite Christmas movie, "Christmas Vacation!"

I often wondered about this tiny, somewhat throw-away scene in the movie.  As a matter of fact, it's what's happening in the background of this short scene that caught my interest.  

The original intention of this site was dedicated to getting the nostalgia nonsense off my brain and onto paper (so to speak), so what better way to do some research and finally figure out the answer to a nagging question? 

The question I kept asking myself was, "Is that the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in "Christmas Vacation?"  Did that mean the Grandparents spent the last week of November and all of December with Clark and Ellen?  Or was it something else?

I couldn't have been the only one wondering this because this article is the 5th most popular article on YesterYear Retro!  Many of you must have wondered the same thing!  So, check it out, won't you?

Retro RePost: John Madden and Turducken

Friday, November 18, 2022

Piggybacking on my last post on the NFL on Thanksgiving Day, I figured another football-related post was in order.  I spent a lot of time trying to tie piggybacking to pig skin, but I couldn't come up with one, so if you think of one, leave it in the comments below.

One of the things I frequently remember from turkey-day games of the past was big John Madden and his favorite dish, the "Turducken."  

I've always wanted to try one, and I promise someday I will.  

No idea what Turducken is?  Well, you're not alone.  I wrote a short piece about the fried fowl a few years back, so click below to read all about it!

Retro RePost: How Football on Thanksgiving Became a "Thing"

Monday, November 14, 2022

Growing up, I was always playing sports.  My Brother and I were frequently outside playing street hockey with the neighbor, Wiffle ball, or other made-up games we used to create to entertain ourselves with a tennis ball.  Ice hockey was always my favorite, though.  

I was never an avid football fan, but I always liked turning it on on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I remember Dad would usually turn on the New York Giants game in the afternoon after Church with his feet up in the easy chair.  

As a kid in the second grade, I remember having to pretend that I was a big football fan to fit in with my friends as they excitedly talked about "the big game" on Thanksgiving Day.  Honestly, I doubt we even had it on in our house that year, but I played along as best I could when we returned to school after the holiday break.  

I'm sure they knew I didn't watch any of it, but they were nice enough not to call me out on pretending to be a football fan... like they did when Starter jackets were trendy; my Mom bought me a Cincinnati Bengals jacket.  Everyone else had the Rangers, Giants, or Yankees (the local teams), and I didn't even know they were a team or even what sport they played, but I loved the bright orange and black colors.

I didn't even know what a Bengal was until much later in life.  Oh well.  It was a cool-looking coat, and eventually, I got my Rangers Starter Jacket years later.

While I've never been that big of a football fan, my high school was always pretty good at it.  Nothing like high school football in Texas, but we were good for New York.  I didn't play, of course, but during my Senior Year, I had several good friends on the team, and I went to watch them play most of the season.  It made me get into football for a few months, along with the "Raider Pride" school spirit.

One of the most memorable times that year was when my Dad and I drove upstate a few hours to watch them in the third round of the playoffs.  I don't exactly remember how the game ended, but I'm pretty sure it was a losing effort that finished the season on a low point.  

But, the memory of my Dad and I driving home together down the New York Thruway late at night after the game is one I think about while I look up at the stars at night when I'm driving or flying. 

I don't follow pro football very closely, but many people I work with do.  So, I follow along by reading headlines and final scores to know enough to keep the conversations going.  

A few years ago, I wondered why football is even played on Thanksgiving anyway?  And why does it always seem like the same handful of teams play every year?

By the way, this year (2022), you can watch the Buffalo Bills take on the Detroit Lions on CBS at 12:30PM Eastern.  The New York Giants play rival Dallas Cowboys on FOX at 4:30PM, and at 8:20PM, the New England Patriots will face off with the Minnesota Vikings on NBC. 

Retro RePost: When Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Doesn't Go As Planned

Friday, November 11, 2022

As a kid, I loved the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Every Thanksgiving morning would start with the excitement a holiday typically does.  I'd entertain myself by playing with my action figures and then sit down to watch the parade while the house started to fill with the smells of Thanksgiving dinner.  Or, more likely, I would wander back and forth from our house to Granny and Gramp's and watch the parade from both homes because it was surely on television in both places, and, as a curious (nosey) kid, I wanted to see what everyone was up to.  

Then, it'd be time for Laurel and Hardy's March of the Wooden Soldiers right before the meal.  Occasionally my Dad would put on football after, but I honestly don't remember much turkey-day football in our house. 

Every year, I tell my wife that I will get back into watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  It never happens, though.  Inevitably, something comes along, and I get sidetracked.  Before I can get back to it, the parade is over, and we're all on to the next thing. 

I have never enjoyed the big song and dance numbers that they intersperse between watching the giant balloons, so I also tend to lose interest quickly, especially now that I'm old enough to not have a clue who 90% of the musical acts are.  

Last year, however, I successfully sat and watched at least an hour of the parade, and maybe this year, I'll get to watch more than an hour!  I look forward to sharing some of the excitement of the balloons and other holiday festivities with our daughter as she grows.  Hopefully, she gets as big of a kick out of the balloons as I did as a kid.

Sometimes, just like my hope of watching the big event, the parade doesn't always go as planned.  One of the last times I remember watching the parade in full was that fateful year, 1997, when there were enough disasters (and injuries!) that the whole shebang changed.  

In today's Retro RePost, I'd like to provide the opportunity to go back and read my 2019 feature titled When the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Doesn't Go As Planned by clicking HERE!

You may even learn some history of the parade that began in 1924, like when a balloon almost took down a small plane.  Go ahead and read it for more!  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Halloween Retro RePost: 5 Halloween YouTube Videos

Friday, October 28, 2022

For this Friday's Halloween Retro RePost, I thought I'd pop in a quick link to some Halloween content.  With Halloween coming up in just a few days, we're well into the home stretch, and I'll admit, with McDonald's releasing the Halloween pails, I feel like we've been given a much needed Halloween vibe injection.  If you're looking for something to get you in the mood this weekend, check out these 5 videos available for free on YouTube to get you in the spirit!  

Typically, these kinds of videos would be found in the Drive-In section, but admittedly, I'm a little lax in posting over there, so last year, I concentrated five of them into a single post.

This is a great little collection of videos, including the infamous Paul Lynde Halloween Special!  You'll also find TWO different Elvira videos, like her unaired pilot episode of a sitcom that never got off the ground.

You'll also be able to watch (or rewatch) Garfield's Halloween Adventure, which we discussed in detail on Monday's feature!  

Halloween Retro RePost: Daffy Duck's Quackbusters

Friday, October 21, 2022

Growing up in the late 80s, I was a big fan of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon.  Even earlier than that, I was a giant fan of the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie to the point my parents (at my insistence) bought me a rubber carrot dog toy to play with, so I could be just like Bugs Bunny.  I was probably 4 or 5 at the time.

Knowing I was a big fan of both, one day, my Mom brought home a video from the town library that combined the two:  Daffy Duck's Quackbusters!  

Daffy Duck's Quackbusters is a 1988 Looney Tunes compilation movie starring Daffy Duck and other classic Looney Tunes characters.  In the 80s, Warner Bros. was combining newly-animated footage and linking them with classic Warner Bros. cartoons to make one longer movie, such as "The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie" and "Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island."  Quackbusters was the last in the compilation series and the final theatrical release until "Space Jam" almost a decade later.  

It was also Mel Blanc's next-to-last performance in a Looney Tunes project before his passing.

As a fun stroll down memory lane for our Friday Halloween Repost, I thought you might enjoy reading about Daffy and the Quackbusters from 1988!  

Halloween Retro RePost: Pepsi's Universal Monsters and Coca Cola's Monsters of the Grid Iron

Friday, October 14, 2022

Based on Monday's post about Elvira's relationship with Pepsi, I thought today would be a great opportunity to repost some Pepsi and Coke-related Halloween-themed trading cards!  

First, PLEASE CLICK HERE to take a look at the complete set of 1994's Pepsi's Universal Party Monsters trading cards!  

Second, PLEASE CLICK HERE to view a pack of 1994's Coca-Cola Monsters of the Grid-Iron trading cards!  

If you'd like to hear more about Monsters of the Grid Iron, and why it's so important to me, please click over TO THIS LINK and read the second article I ever wrote about this wonderful Halloween promotion.  

I've also added some fun Elvira and Pepsi Monster Match content to the Video Drive-In for this week, if you have a few spare minutes to watch some fun retro content!

Halloween Retro RePost: My ABC'S Of Halloween

Friday, October 7, 2022

Since Halloween is a big month for us retro nerds, I'll be posting some extra content on Friday mornings featuring some articles I wrote in years past.  

One that never got much attention, maybe because it's a relatively simple post, was my ABCs of Halloween.  Based on a little game that the fellas at The Retro Network would play from time to time, the "ABCs of (insert anything)" would generate conversation and memories as you had to associate a letter with an event, person, place, or thing.  

For a simplified example, for Halloween, W is for Witch.  Easy enough and a fun little exercise.  Can you come up with your own list?  Share it here or drop me a line; I'd love to know what you come up with!

Please check out my post from two years ago by CLICKING HERE TO READ MY ABCs OF HALLOWEEN.  

Retro RePost: Memorial Day Weekend Kicks Off Nick-At-Nite's Block Party Summer

Monday, May 30, 2022

Wow, Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone already!  Technically, today, Monday the 30th, is Memorial Day, but I'm sure you have been celebrating all weekend long.  

On the other hand, I have been very busy with work and moving from one state to another.  

Since I've been so busy, and Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, I thought it would be an excellent time to RePost one of the articles I'm most proud of.  This article was also one of the major driving reasons behind this website.  I have always wanted to write this article, and I'm so glad I did. 

The Nick-At-Nite Block Party Summer meant a lot to me and was a very important part of my childhood.  It's hands down the most successful post on this blog, and I'm very proud of it.  The weeks of effort into collecting the data needed to write it were so worth it.   I hope you've read it already, but if you haven't, please check it out!  

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  


Retro Repost: 10 Sitcom Characters That Just Disappeared

Monday, February 28, 2022

Have you ever followed a TV show for a few seasons and found yourself wondering, "Whatever happened to that guy?" Did cast members seem like they just disappeared into thin air?  Well, I've put together a list of some of the top 10 Disappearing Sitcom Characters that may just answer your questions!

This article about "Disappearing Sitcom Characters" appeared on The Retro Network late last year.  I felt it was well-received over there, and I quickly posted it here too.  Unfortunately, when I posted it here, my timing was off, and it was quickly swept out of the way by my month-long Halloween content.

I felt it should have had more "time to shine," so to speak, so I've been waiting for the right opportunity to make a Retro RePost featuring it.  Since I was busy with work and my little one's big birthday celebration this week, I felt now was the right time.  

Please CLICK HERE TO READ about the "10 Sitcom Characters That Just Disappeared!" 

Thanks for checking it out, whether you've read it already or not!

Retro RePost: Scorch: The Short Lived Show About A Dragon

Friday, January 28, 2022

With my last article about television shows from the 90s, I was reminded of a feature I wrote for The Retro Network about a year ago.  The article covered a short-lived show most people have forgotten, or never knew existed, from that time period.  Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed this program, it didn't last long and eventually disappeared into the dustbin of television history.  

In 1992, I was in 2nd grade.  I saw a commercial one evening for a new show about an adorable-looking dragon puppet and was hooked instantly.  Excitedly, I made sure I was watching TV that night when "Scorch" first aired.

Retro RePost: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 30th Anniversary

Friday, December 10, 2021

On December 1st, my favorite Christmas movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, turned 32!  

32 may not exactly be a celebration-worthy anniversary, but if you go back to 2019, I wrote an article for The Retro Network celebrating the big 30th!  

Over the past several years, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation has ascended to cult following status.  It's arguably most people's favorite movies, and the merchandise machines have been pushing out new items every year to celebrate the several decades-old film.  

Retro RePost: I Love Lucy Meets Santa Claus!

Friday, December 3, 2021

Here's another rerun to help you better enjoy the Christmas season!  I'm feeling very nostalgic this year, so why not go waaaay back to the 1950s when Santa Claus appeared on I Love Lucy?  

Since I Love Lucy is one of my top 5 favorite shows of all time, I really enjoyed writing this article.  It appeared both here and on "The Retro Network," so you know I'm very proud of it.  If you read it already, give it another whirl, if you missed it, I think you'll really like it!  

Retro RePost: What Parade Was That In Christmas Vacation?!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

As we get past that post-Thanksgiving food coma and run full speed into the holiday spirit, here at home, I'm getting busy preparing for my annual simulator training for work.  That requires focus and takes up nearly all of my free time heading into the 3-day event, thrown in with the extra holiday flight schedule, my free time is limited.   

So, forgive another RePost here, but this one's a good one from 2019 featuring my favorite Christmas movie, "Christmas Vacation!"

I often wondered about this tiny, somewhat throw-away scene in the movie.  Matter of fact, it's what's happening in the background of this short scene that caught my interest.

The original intention of this site was dedicated to getting the nostalgia nonsense off my brain and onto paper (so to speak), so what better way to do some research and finally figure out the answer to a nagging question? 

Retro RePost: When Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Doesn't Go As Planned!

Monday, November 22, 2021

This was one of my first articles to appear on The Retro Network back in 2019.  This was a fun little piece to put together and one of the ways I'm able to get some of this seemingly useless trivia out of my brain and onto paper (electronically, of course) so that it's documented somewhere.  

As we rapidly approach Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, it's a time we all reflect back on our memories.  Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade was never that big of a deal in my family, but like all kids, watching the balloons float through the streets of New York City was pretty darn exciting.  Especially when they were my favorite cartoon characters!  

Retro RePost: How Football on Thanksgiving Became a "Thing"

Friday, November 12, 2021

The leaves are falling, the temperature has dropped, and we've already set our clocks back an hour.  It's definitely Autumn.  This time of year brings certain things to mind for all of us.  For myself, I'm reminded of the times I spent outdoors in cooler weather and family visiting for Thanksgiving.  I'm also reminded of my high school hockey team and how it had gotten into full swing by this time of year.  Of course, Thanksgiving also reminds me of football.  

I've never been that big of a football fan, but my high school was always pretty good at it.  Nothing like high school football in Texas, but we were pretty darn good for New York.  I didn't play, but during my Senior Year of high school, I had several good friends on the team, and I went to watch them play a few times.  One of the most memorable times during that year was when my Dad and I drove a few hours upstate to watch them in the third round of the playoffs.  I don't exactly remember how the game ended up, but if I had to guess it was a losing effort.  But, the memory of my Dad and I driving down the New York Thruway late at night after the game is one I often think about while driving or flying at night as I look up at the stars.

Retro RePost: 1994's Fox's Halloween Bash

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

For me, Halloween and television go hand in hand.  The classic sitcoms of my youth, like Home Improvement (CLICK HERE) or Roseanne (CLICK HERE), always enjoyed Halloween the way I felt everyone should.  The 80s and 90s were home to several specials, like Garfield or the campy variety shows we still enjoy rewatching today.  

Coming home from Trick-Or-Treating, I'd dump out my candy on the living room floor and turn on the TV.  My brother and I would enjoy what was left of the new Halloween programs and watch some old favorites.

One of the great programming blocks of the 1990s was "The Fox Halloween Bash."  Watching this annual (back then, anyway) programming while doing homework earlier in the week or counting my candy haul were some of my favorite memories of the Halloween holiday.

Retro RePost: Coca-Cola's Monsters of the Grid Iron

Monday, October 25, 2021

This is one of the first articles I ever wrote, and it's still very important to me.  It first appeared on The Retro Network before showing up here, and I'm happy to repost it again for this year's Halloween.

I spent YEARS researching online to find information about this sales promotion.  I turned up empty-handed every time and began to wonder if I hallucinated the whole thing.  Every once in a while during college or when I was bored in a hotel room at work, I'd spend time Google-ing but never could come up with anything remotely resembling what I was looking for.  

Please click on for more!

Retro RePost: Nick-at-Nite's Block Party Summer

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

This little blog of mine suddenly saw a spike in viewership a few months ago.  I was confused but delighted!  In looking into it, I discovered that one page gets viewed at least 20 times for every single view of any other.  Then I discovered that the same article was the number one search result on Google when you typed in "Nick at Nite Block Party Summer."

I was floored.  Number one in Google for something so special to me as the Nick at Nite Block Party Summer!  Then I realized this is WHY I created this website.  Not to be famous or be number one... but the fact that you can come to my little site and find nearly EVERYTHING you wanted to know about a particular topic without having to comb through thousands of websites.  

I've always said that people who put stuff online are saints.  You can google or Youtube almost anything, and there's a "how-to" or historical documentation there in full detail.  The people who take the time to do all of that are God-sent, especially if you are desperately looking for something for weeks, and then BAM!  There it is in full detail.  

I started this blog with the idea of writing about things I enjoyed or remembered from my youth.  I hoped to combine several bits of information from various sources and make one solid article where EVERYTHING is in one place.  Sure it makes some really long articles sometimes, like with my "Lunchbox Snacks of YesterYear" series (or my coming "Airlines of YesterYear" series), but I hope you can easily find what you need in a one-stop-shop type of place here at YYR.  

In my "Tribute to Nick-at-Nite" series, one article took the most research but was also the most important to me.  One article that represented so many summers of my childhood and so many hours of television.  This one article represents so many hours with Dad in front of the TV laughing so loud that Granny heard us next door.

The Nick-at-Nite Block Party Summer.  

Sometimes I still can't believe that this little blog of mine is the number one and two search result when you type in "Nick at Nite Block Party Summer" into Google (as of today.) 

Wow, what an honor.  

Thank you.

Retro RePost: Pro Beach Hockey

Friday, July 16, 2021

On these Retro Re-Posts, I like to tell a little story about how an older post relates to my childhood and then introduce new and old readers to an article they may have missed or a chance to revisit an article they read a while back.

My family has always been into ice hockey.  My Dad played growing up on ponds and would eventually play in men's leagues well into his late 40s.  His playing came to an abrupt end one night when he broke his foot after getting hit by a slap shot the night before leaving for vacation.  After the injury, he stopped playing but moved behind the bench coaching many of the teams I played for. 

When I was growing up, youth sports weren't nearly as organized as they are today.  We had "house leagues" where the local rink set up a bunch of teams made up of kids who signed up (either alone or as a team), and my school district loosely organized a team at every age group.  There was only one "travel" team in my area growing up, but you had to be not only very good to play on that team but be rich as well, as they were very expensive to cover the travel costs to play all of the out of state teams.  

Today, the kid's teams in my old school district may as well be professional teams with matching tracksuits, advertising, dedicated practice facilities, and more.  Back then, when I joined my first league in 1990 in first grade, it was a "come as you are" approach with everyone's hand-me-down equipment at the outdoor rink at Bear Mountain.  It was only when I played on the Varsity team in high school everyone finally had matching uniforms and organized practice schedules.