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Halloween Retro RePost: Pepsi's Universal Monsters and Coca Cola's Monsters of the Grid Iron

Friday, October 14, 2022

Based on Monday's post about Elvira's relationship with Pepsi, I thought today would be a great opportunity to repost some Pepsi and Coke-related Halloween-themed trading cards!  

First, PLEASE CLICK HERE to take a look at the complete set of 1994's Pepsi's Universal Party Monsters trading cards!  

Second, PLEASE CLICK HERE to view a pack of 1994's Coca-Cola Monsters of the Grid-Iron trading cards!  

If you'd like to hear more about Monsters of the Grid Iron, and why it's so important to me, please click over TO THIS LINK and read the second article I ever wrote about this wonderful Halloween promotion.  

I've also added some fun Elvira and Pepsi Monster Match content to the Video Drive-In for this week, if you have a few spare minutes to watch some fun retro content!

Retro RePost: Coca-Cola's Monsters of the Grid Iron

Monday, October 25, 2021

This is one of the first articles I ever wrote, and it's still very important to me.  It first appeared on The Retro Network before showing up here, and I'm happy to repost it again for this year's Halloween.

I spent YEARS researching online to find information about this sales promotion.  I turned up empty-handed every time and began to wonder if I hallucinated the whole thing.  Every once in a while during college or when I was bored in a hotel room at work, I'd spend time Google-ing but never could come up with anything remotely resembling what I was looking for.  

Please click on for more!

Retro Scans: 1994s Monsters of the Grid Iron Trading Cards

Friday, October 23, 2020

For last Halloween, I wrote an article for The Retro Network (that also appears here in the archives) about my experience with Coca-Cola's Monsters of the Grid Iron.  Check out that article HERE.

So, for this year's Halloween, I thought I'd do a "Retro Scans" post and open a 1994 Foil pack of the NFL/Coca-Cola Monsters of the GridIron cards!  Enjoy!

Coca-Cola and the NFL's Monsters of the Grid Iron

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

It was 1993 and I had just entered the 4th grade.  My parents were at work and I was home from school likely for Columbus Day in early October.  I remember it was a crisp Fall day outside and can still picture the bright orange and red maple leaves collecting in my Grandparent's lawn.  My Grandparents lived in the house next door to us and I was over there on this beautiful morning just watching TV killing time.  While they were busy doing whatever adults do, I snuck over to the telephone and dialed a 1-800 number I'd been waiting all morning for the opportunity to call.  I quickly punched in my entry code while my head was filled with crazy childish dreams of being the big winner!  After some spooky Halloween music, the next thing I knew NFL super star (and at the time home-town New York Jet) RONNIE "THE RATTLER" LOTT was yelling at me through the phone telling me that even though I lost this time, that I'm always a winner, with Coca-Cola's Monsters of the Grid Iron!  

The Coca-Cola Monster's of the Grid Iron promotion only ran for two years during the Halloween season in 1993 and '94.  The Grand Prize for this contest each year was a pair of Super Bowl tickets.  For reference, the 1993 winners would have seen the Dallas Cowboys destroy the Buffalo Bills for the 2nd time in a row while the Halloween 1994 winners would see the San Francisco 49'ers defeat the San Diego Chargers in Superbowl 29.  Other prizes included hats, t-shirts, free Coca-Cola products, and other little goodies.  To enter, you'd purchase specially branded Coca-Cola products and find a code inside, typically under the cap or inside the cardboard box of a 12 pack.  When you dialed the 1-800 number, you'd enter the 4 digit code and a random NFL superstar (via recording) would tell you if you had won the big prize... or not.