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Five Movie Theater Memories Summer of 2004

Friday, August 27, 2021

In the summer of 2004, I didn't have much to do besides "work" a 5-hour shift about three days a week.  I had gotten a job for the summer at a hand-made gift and craft shop, and two weeks into the full-time job, they announced the store was closing, so all employees were cut down to part-time.  What was going to be a summer full of employment suddenly found itself with a lot of free time.  

On a good day, I'd ring up maybe three customers and stock some shelves.  Most days, however, I just spent my time running out the clock.  I'd spend my shift walking up and down the aisles, running the vacuum, trying to memorize the number of steps up and down each row, counting the ceiling tiles... I was bored.  A lot of it was spent singing along with the only music the manager allowed us to play (Frank Sinatra) and thinking about working out.   

I had gotten into the best shape of my life at school the previous year, and I had worked my way up to running 5 to 7 miles per day and lifting weights like a fiend.  I wanted to be in the best shape of my life during my final semester at college, and what would likely (and did) wind up being my last season playing organized ice hockey.  

That summer, most of my copious amounts of free time at home involved drinking 2 gallons of water, eating grilled chicken, running, lifting weights, and sleeping.

I was also excited because for the first time ever, I had a television in my bedroom.  I brought home my TV from school and begged Dad to run a cable line up to the 2nd floor.  Around that time period, the cable networks all began to move towards digital cable, away from the old analog signal, and required a digital cable box on each television set.  Before then, you could run one line into the house from the street.  Using a splitter, you could then have several off-shoot lines to different television sets.  When we first hooked up my TV, I must have had 50 channels, but it slowly dwindled down to just The Food Network and USA Network.  My parents wouldn't pay for a cable box for the few months I was home, and I really didn't have any money to pay for it myself, so after I got down to just the bare minimum, I spent a lot of time watching DVDs and mastering "Vice City" on Play Station.  

When I wasn't doing any of that, I was going to the movie theater with my best friend from high school.  

If you didn't read my article about 2003 movie memories (CLICK HERE TO DO SO), my best friend from high school was a bit of a loner like myself and didn't have much going on either.  He preferred to stay in his room at his parent's house and watch his enormous DVD collection or play PlayStation until all hours of the night too.  He'd tell me stories of spending hours on internet message boards at 3 in the morning reading about all things Avril Lavigne or new comic book movies.  

Looking back, we did quite a bit together that summer, between playing roller hockey at the park with some guys from the old team, to a game we invented that combined tennis and racketball called "Rackis."  

Most of all, though, we made sure to go to the movie theater at least once a week.    

In fact, on Wednesdays, our parents jokingly called it our "date night" because it was understood we were going to the movies that night and we'd be out late.  Being out late was unusual for the two of us because we were both the kinds of kids who would rather be home on AOL Instant Messenger than out partying every night like some kids.  Our parents rarely had to wonder if we were out dead in a ditch somewhere.  

We must have easily seen over 50 films that summer!  Some of them were terrible, some of them we should have never paid to see (I'm looking at you, "Chasing Liberty,") but most of them were enjoyable.  

Good or bad, though, some of them were pretty memorable experiences.  

Pluto TV Summer "Popcorn Movies" List

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Free television and movie streaming app Pluto TV is launching its summer celebration by airing all-new (to Pluto) movies during June, July, and August.  In what they are calling the "Popcorn Summer Movies" marathon, they kick off summer with big blockbuster films of summers from YesterYear like The Hunger Games, Shuttler Island, and Forrest Gump.  

They promise movies from every genre - thrillers to cult classics.  

Here are some of the highlights of the summer movie schedule, and what channel you can find them on.

June 2021:

The Hunger Games series (Pluto TV Action)
Charlie’s Angels (Pluto TV Action)
Scary Movie & Scary Movie 2 (Pluto TV Comedy)
Pulp Fiction (Pluto TV Crime Movies)
Double Jeopardy (Pluto TV Crime Movies)
Minority Report (Pluto TV Spotlight)
Total Recall (Pluto TV Spotlight)
Runaway Bride (Pluto TV Romance)
Shutter Island (Pluto TV Thrillers)
The Last Airbender (Pluto TV Fantastic)
Forrest Gump (Cine Premiere)

July 2021:

Face/Off (Pluto TV Action)
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (Pluto TV Fantastic)
Kingpin (Pluto TV Comedy)
Clue (80s Rewind)
Rain Man (80s Rewind)
Grease (Cine Premiere)
The Addams Family (Pluto TV Comedy)
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Cine Premiere)
Total Recall (Cine Premiere)

August 2021:

The Matrix (Pluto TV Action)
Center Stage (Pluto TV Romance)
Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (Pluto TV Romance)
The Silence of the Lambs (Pluto TV Thrillers)
Fargo (1996) (Pluto TV Crime Movies)
Project Almanac (Pluto TV Fantastic)

Summer Vacation Starts Now!

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Memorial Day is already over and summer is unofficially here! 
Where I grew up in New York, our schools wouldn't let out for Summer Vacation until about the 15th or 20th of June.  We'd then have all July and August off before returning for the new school year after Labor Day.  

These days, summer is the busy season at work, and getting time off for vacation or even a backyard BBQ is hard to come by.  It seems people want to fly places during their summer vacation and I guess that means we have to fly them there!  In our house, our Summer Vacation has to wait until September or October when travel begins to die down and time off at work is more plentiful.  It works out though because there are often great deals to be had during the slow time of year and the airports, cruise ships, and campgrounds aren't crowded! 

With all that said, I'm thinking some summer-themed posts are in order to celebrate our version of Summer Vacation of 2021!

I've been planning some summer-themed articles about some summery stuff that I hope you'll enjoy!  We'll cover some summer-related pop culture events, some of my own fun summer memories, and some summer "Retro Scans" that feature some of summer's big blockbuster movies! 

Hopefully, these things put you in the mood for some warm weather and summer fun as you take the road trip down memory lane with me into the Summers of YesterYear.  

A Road Trip To Happy World Land

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Last week, The Retro Network dropped it's Preview Episode for a new podcast debuting on the platform.  Titled "Rental Return - Tales From the Video Store," the show will chronicle the lives of former store employees and their memories of working at retail stores who rented VHS tapes.  As part of the Preview Episode, the question was asked: "Did you have a specific video that you rented all the time?"

For me, that was "Tiny Toon Adventures:  How I Spent My Summer Vacation."  For a long time, when Mom would take us down to the Mom and Pop rental store called "Dollar Video" to rent a movie or video game, it was pretty much a given I was going to grab "How I Spent My Summer Vacation."

The original half-hour cartoon, "Tiny Toon Adventures," aired from September of 1990 to December of 1992.  In a several years-in-the-making collaboration between Warner Brothers and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, the pilot episode debuted as a CBS Prime Time special.  The series aired in syndication for its first season before moving to the popular Fox Kids programming block.  Airing in direct competition to the very popular "Disney Afternoon," "Tiny Toon Adventures" earned higher ratings than its Disney counterpart.  Despite its success, production was halted in 1992 to make way for a new series that was a success in its own right, titled "Animaniacs."