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When 90s Sitcoms Went to Disney World

Monday, May 3, 2021

Growing up, I was lucky enough to go to Walt Disney World fairly frequently. My Mom's parents lived near Lakeland, Florida, and we'd work in a visit to see Grandma and Grandpa for a day or two and then drive over to Orlando for the rest of the week at Disney World. It feels like we did that a lot growing up, close to once or twice a year until my brother and I became teenagers. Even though we never stayed "on property," we always had a lot of fun.  I remember my Mom buying the newest guide books every year and I'll always cherish the memories of my Dad and I spread out on the hotel room floor in some discount hotel in Kissimmee as we plotted out our day on the park maps inside those books.

Then our trips became sporadic, as my parents mixed in a few places that THEY wanted to go.  Then, of course, there was that last Disney trip as a family right before I went off to college.  My older brother had such a nasty sour attitude from not being able to spend his final spring break the way he wanted to that he ruined it for all of us.  Funny enough, though, if you ask him about it now, it was his favorite trip of all time and he doesn't remember being so moody.

My parents always emphasized the importance of vacations. They would always save their money to give us the experience and memories of vacation time rather than name-brand sneakers, frequent trips to the movie theater, or that big screen TV that some of our neighbors and friends would always have.  I've often thought back on all of those airplane rides and hotels in Orlando and figure it's one of the main reasons I've always wanted to be an airline pilot.  To be totally honest, I still get a kick out of landing in Orlando and seeing the happy faces of children and adults all decked out in Disney swag as they start their Disney vacation.  Of course, the group getting on the plane to go back home look run down and wore out, but that's half the fun of visiting Uncle Mickey and Aunt Minnie.  

My wife and I are still big Disney people.  We've gone several times since meeting back in 2004, including squeezing a quick visit to the Magic Kingdom at the end of our honeymoon when our cruise ended early.  We're eagerly looking forward to taking our Mickey Mouse-obsessed daughter to meet them in person when she's old enough to remember it.  

When we were home, I was also a kid who watched a lot of television and I was excited to notice a trend amongst the Friday night TGIF sitcoms of the 90s.  

Eventually, they went to Disney World.

5 Things I Miss About Going to McDonalds in the 90s

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

McDonald's recently ran a "Walt Disney World" Happy Meal promotion that celebrated a new ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios down in Orlando, Florida.  Each of the ten toys represented a different ride, like Minnie on a Pirate Ship (Pirates of the Caribbean) or Mickey in a Rocket Ship (Space Mountain.)  My daughter is a GIANT Mickey Mouse fan, so we, of course, had to get her a few of these toys. 
My wife and I have so many fond memories of visiting McDonald's during our childhoods, so we thought it would be fun for our daughter, even if she likely won't remember it.  Aside from the 40th Anniversary Happy Meal from 2019 (READ ABOUT IT HERE), we both haven't had a Happy Meal in decades, and since our little one is too young to eat the food yet, the meals were for us, and the toy was for her.  

We had a blast on our little adventure in search of Mickey toys.  On that Saturday, when she wouldn't take a nap, we threw her in the car (a sure-fire nap) and hit up about 8 local McDonald's in search of some of the ten toys.  We asked before ordering to find out what toy they had available and found out that only 4 of the ten were only available and we'd have to wait a week for the rest.  
The toys included tickets to enter a contest to win a trip to Disney, but due to COVID, the whole promotion was delayed several months, and the dates on the ticket were wrong.  Avoiding legal issues, Disney pulled the toys with the promise to remove the tickets before re-releasing them.  A week later, the toys returned for only two or three days before McDonald's canceled the Disney World promotion due to their next toy contract's hard start date.  The story has a happy ending, though, as Grandpa found them on eBay and made sure she has a full set for when she's older. 
Back in the 90s, McDonald's was such a large part of my childhood memories, and I'm sure for many of you, as well.  We didn't go very often, just the occasional Saturday afternoon when my Mom was looking to get out of the house.  Most often, it would be when she'd pick me up after half-day Kindergarten, and once her errands were complete, we'd stop at McDonald's on the way home.
That excursion for our daughter's Walt Disney toys really got me thinking about the 90s and how much fun we as kids had on our trips to the Golden Arches, so, without spoiling all my fun memories, here are 5 things I miss about McDonald's of the 90s!