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Target Exclusive Funko Domino's Noid T-Shirt and Vinyl Pop!

Please excuse the interruption to the Retro Road to Wrestlemania, but, I'm coming to you today with an exciting "Current Event" retro review on the Target exclusive Limited Edition Funko Domino's Noid Tee-Shirt and Vinyl Pop! from the Ad Icon collection! 

Once I saw the advertisement on Twitter the other day, I knew I had to have this!  As a child, I was a HUGE fan of the Noid commercials and even had several Noid toys, including a larger "Bend 'Ems" style Noid that I cherished for years.

The description on Target's site reads:

"Happy National Pizza Day! Celebrate with this Target exclusive Domino's Noid collectors box. Watch out for this 80's Ad Icon as he tries to stop your pizza from being delivered in 30 minutes or less. This EXCLUSIVE Pop! features The Noid in his iconic suit looking as wacky as ever but now he glows in the dark. A must for any true Funko fan or pizza lover!"

First off, the box is simply amazing!  It looks and feels just like a Domino's pizza box.  It may be a little thicker height-wise to make room for the toy, but, the cardboard texture, the ink, and coloring... I half expected the whole thing to smell like Domino's pizza!

The complete set is so well done that my wife, who was not a big Domino's fan, decided it would be a Domino's pizza dinner last night!

Here is a higher quality scan of the box top.  Just perfect!

Opening the box, you'll find everything nicely displayed.  The Tee is folded and wrapped in a plastic bag while the Pop was protected nicely.  I hadn't noticed when I bought this kit but there's a sticker that says that the Pop! glows in the dark too.

The Pop! itself:

A higher-quality scan of the back of the toy box.  Funko's use of the pizza imagery, the Noid, and the older style Dominos logo all make this an excellent nostalgia kick.

The Tee-Shirt reuses the image from the box cover, but, I just love that it uses the "NOT!" wanted.  The Noid might be cute and loveable but it's just like the old commercials where the Noid was a nuisance.

Here's an up-close look at the Pop! out of the box.  I don't collect or have any Pop's so I was impressed with the quality of the figure.  The vinyl is smooth and the paint job is pretty spot on with the appropriate shade of red.  He will certainly find a home in my home's nostalgia corner museum.

All-in-all I find this money well spent for a nice little nostalgia trip.  It's very well made and I love that they made a pizza box kit to go with the tee and the toy.  My wife and I began discussing opportunities for Funko to make other "kits" and I would LOVE a 7-Up "Dots" shirt and 2-liter bottle or perhaps a California Raisins box of raisins!

I've been intrigued by the ad icon series and just may have to pick up a few of my favorite characters of yester-year!

If you feel as I do, and want to start or add to your Funko collection, please use my Amazon link below (at no extra cost to you)