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The Road To Wrestlemania Ends Here

Well, folks, it looks like our Retro Road to Wrestlemania ends here. 

Yesterday, WWE announced that this year's Wrestlemania will take place inside the WWE Performance Center to an empty arena because of the insanity surrounding the Corona Virus. 

Frankly, looking at the numbers anyway, the past Wrestlemania reviews have seen a significant drop in visitors to this site (except Wrestlemania 9 and the Royal Rumble moments), so it seems like most aren't fond of the long-form recaps of Wrestlemania or an overload of pro wrestling anyway. 

So, where are we headed from here, you ask?

Well, I've invested a few bucks in purchasing some vintage trading cards, stickers, comics, and more that I'll be scanning in for your enjoyment!  Also, with the loss of sports, I'll be reviewing some weird and exciting things from the sports of YesterYear from NASCAR to roller hockey! 

So, I hope you'll stay with me here at YRM during this crazy time in the world as we can forget about what's happening outside and remember the good things that we all look back at fondly!

Thanks for sticking with me,