My Top 10 Seinfeld Episodes Part 1

Friday, May 29, 2020

Seinfeld needs no introduction as a tv show.  Safe to say it makes most people's top 5 lists, Seinfeld is a timeless classic; the jokes work just as well in 2020 as they did in 1995.  Lauren and I will often turn the bedroom television to WPIX 11 at night and let Seinfeld play in the background as we drift to sleep.

During this Corona quarantine, I've seen Top 10 lists of everything from ice cream flavors to movies, and one that piqued my interest was a Seinfeld episode list.  I've often said, "This episode is in my top 10..." but I've never actually put a physical list together before.  Since nothing else is happening in 2020, Lauren and I popped in the Blu-Ray's and we binge-watched the entire series in about a week.  It was a nice trip down memory lane and helped me review the series to finalize my list.

Before we started the 9 season run, we both commented on how we didn't care much for the later seasons.  As we went along, we realized how many of the later episodes were the ones aired frequently on WPIX or TBS, and therefore we considered a "classic" or memorable episode that we actually enjoyed immensely.

That said, most of my Top 10 come from the early seasons.

As usual, I got excited and went pretty long with all of the recap, details, and background information that I like to provide and had a hard time cutting the information down to a manageable size, so my apologies.  I broke my Top 10 into two articles for ease of reading and did my best at cutting out the clutter.

So, without further ado, here are my Top Ten Seinfeld Episodes numbers 10 thru 6!

Fast Food of YesterYear: Roy Rogers

Monday, May 11, 2020

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I grew up next door to my Grandparents.  When I was very young, we would have weekly Sunday dinners at their house after coming home from church.  It was a late lunch really, but my Grandma would always roast a turkey, beef, or ham in the oven while we were at church and come home and make all of the side dishes.  While I was little, I really enjoyed these meals as the family would get together, and, as the youngest, the attention would mostly be focused on me!  Plus, Grandma would always make me my own special dessert because she knew I didn't like the "pun'kin" pie she would often make!  She'd whip up a chocolate pudding pie in a Keebler mini graham cracker crust, and it would be all mine.

As we grew, my brother and I started playing ice hockey, and we'd spend more and more of our Sunday afternoons at the ice rink instead of home.  Eventually, the formal Sunday dinners went by the wayside.  Now that I'm older, I can see how having forced family time with people you spent all morning with at church could get old fast.  We'd spend all morning at church, come home and wait in Granny's living room for dinner to be ready.  Then, we'd have to stall while we waited for my one Uncle who is late to everything.  Honestly, we told him lunch was at 1 just so we could eat before 2.

The 3-course meal would then, of course, be followed by the move BACK to the living room where everyone would talk before drifting away to whatever hours of daylight were left.  It was all delightful 1950s Andy Griffith meets the Walton's... but it was very time-consuming.

Don't get me wrong, that side of my family is pretty WASPY, but I'm quite proud of it.  My ancestors arrived in the 1600s, so folksy Americana tradition is ingrained in the family.  By the 1990s, though, like most of the country, my family didn't have much time for tradition.  When those Sunday dinners ended, one of the side effects caused one of the real true joys of my childhood... visiting Roy Rogers for lunch after church!  Instead of heading home or to the ice rink, we began stopping at Roy's once or twice a month, and my brother and I just loved it there.

I think the french fries at Roy's are my favorite fast-food french fries of all time.  They were always hot, crispy, and loaded with salt.  The burger bun was thick that wonderfully blended freshness with staleness.  To this day, the Fixin's Bar is the only place I ever really enjoyed eating chopped onions.  When we walked in with our parents, the smell of salt and deep-fried oil hung heavy in the air... it was fast-food heaven for 8 year old me.

Star Wars Characters You'll Find In The Cantina

Monday, May 4, 2020

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Every year on May the fourth, fans of the Star Wars series celebrate the movies that entertain so many of us.  Even the most casual Star Wars fans will likely pop in a DVD or new this year you can fire up Disney+ and sit down and watch one (or all!) of the films in this epic series.

My favorite of the nine films, more if you include offshoots and television shows, is Episode IV:  A New Hope.  The first film in the Star Wars universe was released in 1977, and one particular scene in this movie, just over 6 minutes long, is known to even those who don't consider themselves fans of Star Wars.  The scene surrounding the Mos Eisley Cantina is one of the most memorable of the film, perhaps even the series, and contains a song that will stick in your head for days.

Ben Kenobi (Obi-Wan) and Luke Skywalker arrive at the Cantina in search of a pilot and a spacecraft to help them get quickly and discreetly to deliver a recording from Princess Leia to Alderaan.  The two head, along with droids C3PO and R2D2 head to a bustling spaceport on Luke's home planet of Tatooine called Mos Eisley.  In a line I often use to describe the employee lounge at work, Ben warns Luke that Mos Eisely is "a wretched hive of scum and villainy."  The two arrive at the local watering hole, The Mos Eisley Cantina, where creatures from all over come for a drink, socializing, and shady business dealings.

Part of what makes Star Wars so much fun is just how expansive the Universe is.  You could get yourself into a multi-day long rabbit hole on official backstory about Tatooine and Mos Eisley.  What I thought would be fun to do today for May the fourth, would be to collect a little backstory and detail on the many different characters that appear briefly in the Cantina.  All-in-all, the online consensus is that there are somewhere between 75 to 90 characters inside the bar.  Most of them have no given background or name other than "SpaceMan #1" or "Local Ugly Man #3."  

Other characters, though, have quite the back story!  So I broke out a book I had as a kid called "The Star Wars Essential Guide to Characters," and dove deep into the Star Wars Wiki pages and Google and compiled a brief background on the characters that you've probably seen many times but never gave any thought to.