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Retro Scans: Tiny Toons 1991 Wax Pack and 1994 Foil Pack

Growing up, Tiny Toon Adventures was a favorite Saturday morning cartoon of mine.  I loved the movie, "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" and would often recreate (in my imagination) the road trip Hamton and Plucky took to Happy World Land whenever we went on long car rides.  

One of my biggest connections to Tiny Toons was a little plastic alligator my parents bought me at Silver Springs Amusement Park in Florida.  Even though Plucky was my favorite, I named that alligator Hamton and carried him with me everywhere.  Later in that Florida trip, we were at an iHop in Kissimmee eating breakfast before our day at the Disney theme parks and I dropped him down into a crack between the booth and the wall.  Devastated, as any 5 year old would do, I began to cry.

Like any good Dad, there was mine on his hands and knees literally tearing the booth apart when the waitress arrived with our food.  She must have thought we were crazy people, but, my Dad rescued Hamton.  Thankfully, the booth just snapped back together and we finished our lunch with him safely in my Mom's purse.  I still have him, but he's packed away in the basement and I cannot get to him right now to add a photo for this little blurb.  Some day I'll add it in.

Personal history aside, here are TWO Tiny Toons Adventures trading card packs for your viewing pleasure!  The first up is a 1994 Foil Pack from Cardz.  The colors on these are just so vibrant still over 25 years later with some great stills from the actual cartoon.  The second bonus pack is a 1991 Wax Pack from Topps.  This pack has some good quality character images but the stills from the cartoons lack the crispness in color quality that the '94 foil pack has.

On the back of the Dizzy Devil card, you'll find the above checklist.  As you can see, it's not the entirety of the set only ranging in card numbers 21 to 40.  Below, you'll find an excellent image of Montana Max, which features directions on the back of the card on how to use a pair of scissors to cut the card into a 3-dimensional stand-up picture.

Below is the 1991 Wax PAck from Topps.  I really think I enjoyed this pack much more even though it contained only 5 cards and a sticker.  Having Plucky Duck on the wrapper didn't hurt things, either!

Dizzy Devil was the one sticker featured in this pack.  Not a personal favorite of mine, but, a great sticker nonetheless.  On the back of the sticker is the completed image of what other sticker backs would create.