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Retro Scans: 1994's Pepsi Universal "Party" Monsters Trading Cards

We're back with some rad 90s Halloween swag, this time courtesy of Pepsi and Universal Studios.  Back in the early 90s, Pepsi teamed up with Universal to use the classic Universal Monsters in their advertising for the Halloween season.  

Who can forget the commercial for Pepsi (and Frito-Lay) products where Dracula says to Frankenstein "What, no dip?"  Everyone in school said "What, no dip?" over and over again and occasionally I drop it at birthday parties or holiday events.  Even though I'm not a big "dip" person.  

You can see that commercial here:

Among the many things Pepsi featured the monsters on, they handed out a 6 pack of trading cards.  Since it's the 90s, of course, the monsters get jazzed up into "Party" Monsters with fun 90s designs and bright colors! 

Each character comes up with a great backstory and 'stats' on the back of the card.  I've scanned the complete set in here for your own viewing pleasure!  Enjoy!