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Retro Scans: Coca Cola Collectors Cards Series 2 Foil Pack

I've been looking for a Christmas themed item to add to my "Retro Scan" section when I came across these "Coca-Cola Series 2 Collector's Trading Cards" on eBay.  

What goes better with Christmas than a nice cold Coca-Cola and vintage Christmas advertising, I asked myself?  Not to mention, Coca-Cola's vintage advertising is responsible for the modern image of Santa Claus, aren't they?

Unfortunately, once I opened the pack there was very little Christmas inside it.  There was the famous Coke polar bear campaign from the 90s, but sadly, that's about it for Christmas.  Unless you consider an old-time advertisement that is reminiscent of years gone by and then connect it to Christmas.  You can make that mile-wide leap if twist your face up and squint while leaning your head one way (like my dogs do when I speak to them.)  

Even the scans didn't come out right, but to be fair, I was traveling when I took these photos. I scanned them (and took some photos, too), and I may as well post them for you to enjoy.

So, with that glowing introduction, here are some "Retro Scans" of Series 2 Coca-Cola Collectors Cards of Coke advertisements from years gone by and two of the Pog style bottle caps included.