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Lunchbox Snacks of YesterYear: Rival Snacks

Throughout the "Lunchbox Snacks of YesterYear" series, I discussed how each snack cake had it's own rival from a competing company. At times, I found it very hard to keep the names straight for each brand's version. I wish I could have found a chart for ease-of-use, but alas, I could not find one. So, with the spirit that YesterYear Retro would be a resource for someone out there in retro-internet land, I've decided to put together my own.

I intend this list to be a work in progress and I'll continually update it as I find more rivals.

You can check back continually here on this page. Just head to the "Collections" section of this site and you'll find a link.

If you have any suggestions for the list please leave a comment below.

Snack Cake Rivals
Drake's Cakes
Little Debbie
Zoinks!N/ATwinkieCloud Cakes
Yankee DoodleChocolate Creme CupcakesCupcakesCreme Filled Chocolate Cupcakes
YodellsN/AHo HosSwiss Rolls
Devil DogsN/ASuzy Q'sDevil Cremes
Ring DingN/ADing DongCocoa Cremes
N/AGlazed Honey BunThe Honey BunHoney Buns
Coffee CakesCrumb Coffee CakeCinnamon Streusel Coffee CakeCinnamon Coffee Cake