Really Retro Movie Review: 1954's "The Long, Long Trailer"

Monday, March 22, 2021

To me, "The Long, Long Trailer" is such a great film. Perhaps you have to tow a travel trailer across the country with your significant other to truly understand the emotions in this film, but, seeing how I loved this movie as a child nearly 30 years before I ever towed our trailer clear across America, I'd say it does a great job of conveying those emotions to the uninitiated viewer.

I've always been a fan of trailers and motorhomes. Even as a young kid, while some kids were into race cars or rocket ships, I was into airplanes and RV's. There's just something about a self-contained mobile unit that excites, and oddly, comforts me.  It's likely why every storyline I made up with my action figures included them having an "escape-mobile" where they could all pile in with the supplies needed to make a safe yet comfortable getaway. 

I first learned of "The Long, Long Trailer" when I was around 7 or 8 years old. My Uncle knew I loved RV's as well as watching "I Love Lucy" with Dad in the evenings on Nick-at-Nite.  Being a classic TV and film buff with a fairly extensive collection, he loaned me his VHS copy of "The Long, Long Trailer." 

I remember asking, "So, it's Lucy and Ricky in an RV?" His reply was, "Sort of.  It's Tacy and Nicky towing an RV. It's a completely separate movie with the actors who play Lucy and Ricky playing other people."  

Confused, because I thought Lucy and Ricky WERE Lucy and Ricky, I popped the tape into the VCR when he went home. 

I was instantly mesmerized. 

Retro RePost: Nick At Nite's Block Party Summer

Monday, March 15, 2021

Hopefully this is the last Retro RePost for a while.  But, with the success of our last one that featured my article covering the 35th anniversary of Nick-at-Nite, I figured why not take a look back at my most successful (in terms of page views and google searches) article of all time...

Nick-At-Nite's Block Party Summer!  

Perhaps you missed it the first time, or you're new to YesterYear Retro, or maybe you just want to read it again... but enjoy "Nick-At-Nite's Block Party Summer!"

Retro RePost: A Look at 35 Years of Nick-At-Nite!

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

 Another Retro RePost here, and this one I'm very proud of!

First featured on "The Retro Network," this piece covers the 35-year history of Nick-At-Nite and what the TV network-within-a-network meant to me over the years.  

Please check it out while I work on getting life settled back into a routine and finish the big feature I've been working on for a new series of Retro Movie Reviews!  

So, without further ado, please click the following link to check out "A Look at 35 Years of Nick At Nite!"

Thanks for reading!

Retro RePost: RollerJam... Pro Wrestling on Wheels

Friday, March 5, 2021

Things are a little busy in life at the moment, so content will be a little slow coming this month.  I've decided to do some deep dives and my early days of writing for this website and hopefully attract a new audience to some of my older works that I'm proud of.  

One of those things I'm happy to present to you today is "RollerJam... Pro Wrestling on Wheels!"  

As you'll read in the article, this was something I had wanted to put together for YEARS before ever thinking of even having a website like this.  I LOVED this show growing up, and there is hardly any information on it online besides a few blurbs here and there.  

So please, lace up those rollerblades and go check out "RollerJam... Pro Wrestling on Wheels!" 

A Road Trip To Happy World Land

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Last week, The Retro Network dropped it's Preview Episode for a new podcast debuting on the platform.  Titled "Rental Return - Tales From the Video Store," the show will chronicle the lives of former store employees and their memories of working at retail stores who rented VHS tapes.  As part of the Preview Episode, the question was asked: "Did you have a specific video that you rented all the time?"

For me, that was "Tiny Toon Adventures:  How I Spent My Summer Vacation."  For a long time, when Mom would take us down to the Mom and Pop rental store called "Dollar Video" to rent a movie or video game, it was pretty much a given I was going to grab "How I Spent My Summer Vacation."

The original half-hour cartoon, "Tiny Toon Adventures," aired from September of 1990 to December of 1992.  In a several years-in-the-making collaboration between Warner Brothers and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, the pilot episode debuted as a CBS Prime Time special.  The series aired in syndication for its first season before moving to the popular Fox Kids programming block.  Airing in direct competition to the very popular "Disney Afternoon," "Tiny Toon Adventures" earned higher ratings than its Disney counterpart.  Despite its success, production was halted in 1992 to make way for a new series that was a success in its own right, titled "Animaniacs."