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Retro RePost: Nick-at-Nite's Block Party Summer

This little blog of mine suddenly saw a spike in viewership a few months ago.  I was confused but delighted!  In looking into it, I discovered that one page gets viewed at least 20 times for every single view of any other.  Then I discovered that the same article was the number one search result on Google when you typed in "Nick at Nite Block Party Summer."

I was floored.  Number one in Google for something so special to me as the Nick at Nite Block Party Summer!  Then I realized this is WHY I created this website.  Not to be famous or be number one... but the fact that you can come to my little site and find nearly EVERYTHING you wanted to know about a particular topic without having to comb through thousands of websites.  

I've always said that people who put stuff online are saints.  You can google or Youtube almost anything, and there's a "how-to" or historical documentation there in full detail.  The people who take the time to do all of that are God-sent, especially if you are desperately looking for something for weeks, and then BAM!  There it is in full detail.  

I started this blog with the idea of writing about things I enjoyed or remembered from my youth.  I hoped to combine several bits of information from various sources and make one solid article where EVERYTHING is in one place.  Sure it makes some really long articles sometimes, like with my "Lunchbox Snacks of YesterYear" series (or my coming "Airlines of YesterYear" series), but I hope you can easily find what you need in a one-stop-shop type of place here at YYR.  

In my "Tribute to Nick-at-Nite" series, one article took the most research but was also the most important to me.  One article that represented so many summers of my childhood and so many hours of television.  This one article represents so many hours with Dad in front of the TV laughing so loud that Granny heard us next door.

The Nick-at-Nite Block Party Summer.  

Sometimes I still can't believe that this little blog of mine is the number one and two search result when you type in "Nick at Nite Block Party Summer" into Google (as of today.) 

Wow, what an honor.  

Thank you.