Retro RePost: How Football on Thanksgiving Became a "Thing"

The leaves are falling, the temperature has dropped, and we've already set our clocks back an hour.  It's definitely Autumn.  This time of year brings certain things to mind for all of us.  For myself, I'm reminded of the times I spent outdoors in cooler weather and family visiting for Thanksgiving.  I'm also reminded of my high school hockey team and how it had gotten into full swing by this time of year.  Of course, Thanksgiving also reminds me of football.  

I've never been that big of a football fan, but my high school was always pretty good at it.  Nothing like high school football in Texas, but we were pretty darn good for New York.  I didn't play, but during my Senior Year of high school, I had several good friends on the team, and I went to watch them play a few times.  One of the most memorable times during that year was when my Dad and I drove a few hours upstate to watch them in the third round of the playoffs.  I don't exactly remember how the game ended up, but if I had to guess it was a losing effort.  But, the memory of my Dad and I driving down the New York Thruway late at night after the game is one I often think about while driving or flying at night as I look up at the stars.

I don't follow pro football very closely, but many people I work with do.  So, I follow along by reading headlines and final scores to keep the conversations going.  

As we approach Thanksgiving, I thought it might be a good idea to repost this article I wrote in 2019 about why football and the Thanksgiving holiday go hand-in-hand.  How did it start?  How did it become such a tradition here in America to watch football while we eat turkey?  


For 2021, you can expect to see the Detroit Lions take on rival Chicago Bears, the Dallas Cowboys go up against the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Buffalo Bills will go against the New Orleans Saints.  

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