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Retro RePost: What Parade Was That In Christmas Vacation?!

As we get past that post-Thanksgiving food coma and run full speed into the holiday spirit, here at home, I'm getting busy preparing for my annual simulator training for work.  That requires focus and takes up nearly all of my free time heading into the 3-day event, thrown in with the extra holiday flight schedule, my free time is limited.   

So, forgive another RePost here, but this one's a good one from 2019 featuring my favorite Christmas movie, "Christmas Vacation!"

I often wondered about this tiny, somewhat throw-away scene in the movie.  Matter of fact, it's what's happening in the background of this short scene that caught my interest.

The original intention of this site was dedicated to getting the nostalgia nonsense off my brain and onto paper (so to speak), so what better way to do some research and finally figure out the answer to a nagging question? 

The question I kept asking myself?  Was that the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in "Christmas Vacation?"  Did that mean the Grandparents spent the last week of November and all of December with Clark and Ellen?  Or was it something else?