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Retro RePost: Carvel Ice Cream

Few things go together better than summertime and ice cream.  Who doesn't love a nice cold ice cream cone on a hot afternoon?  Lately, I enjoy a nice bowl of Tillamook Mint Chocolate Chip, but as I mentioned back in the Camp Nowhere review, my ice cream of choice back in the day was Turkey Hill Dutch Chocolate.  

We always got an ice cream cake for birthdays from the local ice cream parlor in town called Hoyer's.  These ice cream cakes actually had cake in them in addition to the ice cream.  They were only open during the summer, so when we celebrated an occasion during the rest of the year that called for ice cream cake (we could find any excuse for ice cream), we headed for Carvel!  You just can't beat the creamy ice cream and chocolate crunchies of a Carvel cake.  

Best known for soft-serve ice cream and ice cream cakes, Carvel currently operates a chain of over 400 ice cream parlors across 20 states and Puerto Rico.  It also sells ice cream cakes in over 8,500 supermarkets and wholesale clubs nationwide.

The story all starts with a flat tire on Memorial Day back in 1934... 

Please, enjoy this Friday RePost addition to Camp YesterYear with a trip down memory lane and learn a little about the story of the Carvel Ice Cream company.

Your homework assignment this week is to treat yourself to some ice cream!  You deserve it!