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Retro RePost: Halloween on Roseanne

Sitcoms of the past used to spend more time devoted to "special episodes."  More often than not, these classic sitcoms of yesteryear would create a special episode each season to celebrate a holiday.  Every year here at YesterYear Retro, I like to pick a classic sitcom and review those special holiday episodes.

You can always click on the Collections tab and check out my look-back and reviews of the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas episodes from some of the best sitcoms of the 90s, like Home Improvement, Roseanne, and Frasier.  

I'll be posting the 2023 classic sitcom Halloween episode on Monday... any guesses?  Leave a comment down below and see if you're right on Monday!  

Roseanne was the "queen of sitcom Halloween" during the 90s.  She dedicated an episode to the spooky season every year, and no sitcom dove as deep as Roseanne.