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New Year's and WPIX "The Honeymooners" and SyFy's "Twilight Zone" Marathons

Every year on New Year's, I plan to write an article that reflects on the hopes and dreams that a brand new year can bring.  Something people find meaningful in the long run...  

Maybe next year!  :)

Not to break any fourth walls or anything, but I haven't written more than a few lines in nearly three months. Almost everything that popped up on this site over the holidays was written before Halloween.

Shortly after, my family and I packed our bags and drove south to Florida.  I've been learning some new skills at the day job, and that required a six-plus week visit to my company's training center in Orlando.  Training can be stressful enough, but flying home to visit my family in New England would be nearly impossible with one day off a week over the big end-of-year holidays.  

With our daughter being so young, we thought this would be one of the last times we'd get to do something crazy, so we packed our car to the gills, rented an Airbnb, and spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in Orlando!  As it turned out, my class schedule got so messed up that had they not been with me, I wouldn't have been able to see them for weeks at a time, including Christmas Eve and Christmas!

It was exciting and occasionally stressful, but we made many, many lifelong memories.  We spent every night together during what is usually an isolating training event.  We also used our annual passes heavily, spending plenty of time with Aunt Minnie and Uncle Mickey during the festive holiday celebrations at the Magic Kingdom!  While I was in class during those 6 or 7 weeks, there was only a handful of days that they didn't visit a Disney park!  I went as often as possible, but they became even bigger Disney aficionados while they were here!

And now, in what feels like the blink of an eye, we are back home.  New Year's Eve is upon us already!

We like to hunker down on New Year's.  It's typically a cold night in the Northeast, and we like to cuddle up and stay home.  No parties or big bashes for us... besides, we're old now... and with a kid, we'd be home by 7 or 8 anyway.  Honestly, I'd want to be home by 7 without having a little one, but it sure is a good excuse!  

When we lived on Long Island, we would order Chinese takeout and stuff ourselves silly.  We're coming up on our second New Year's in New England and haven't found acceptable Chinese food yet.  We used to be within walking distance of some great food, but up here, the food is more often a miss than a hit.

Before having our daughter, we always used the New Year's holiday to watch some good marathons on television.  We liked to watch The Honeymooners marathon on WPIX (New York's Channel 11) right at the stroke of midnight and then head to bed after the first few episodes.  We cannot get PIX 11 up here, so I'll have to figure something else out.

Speaking of marathons, we also liked to record our favorite Twilight Zone episodes from the annual SyFy Twilight Zone marathon.  

Having cut the cord, it will be a little harder this year to watch these marathons, and if you'd like, go ahead and take a gander at an article I wrote in 2021 about both of them.  That article covers why I think we all consider marathons important events, the nostalgia they provide us older folk, and why these two marathons, particularly, are important to me.  

Please CLICK HERE to read that article.  

If you're looking for even more to read about myself and The Twilight Zone, you can check out an article from 2020 that features my Top 10 Twilight Zone episodes by CLICKING HERE.  I also posted my favorite Honeymooners episodes in 2019, so CLICK HERE if you'd like to check that out, too!

As always, thank you for reading my site.  You all make this little hobby of mine worthwhile!  Have a Happy and Healthy New Year, everyone!  Here's to a GREAT 2024!

By the way, I've included the TV schedule for both the WPIX Honeymooners Marathon and the SyFy Twilight Zone marathon.  Both schedules were ripped directly from their respective websites, so if there are any errors... blame them :) 

SyFy's Twilight Zone Marathon
December 30, 2023

8:00 am - The Lonely
8:30 am - Time Enough At Last
9:00 am - Perchance To Dream
9:30 am - Judgement Night
10:00 am - And When The Sky Was Opened
10:30 am - What You Need
11:00 am - The Four Of Us Are Dying
11:30 am - Third From The Sun
12:00 pm - I Shot An Arrow Into The Air
12:30 pm -  The Hitch-hiker
1:00 pm - The Fever
1:30 pm - The Last Flight
2:00 pm - The Purple Testament
2:30 pm - The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
3:00 pm - A World Of Difference
3:30 pm - Long Live Walter Jameson
4:00 pm - People Are Alike All Over
4:30 pm - The Big Tall Wish
5:00 pm - A Nice Place To Visit
5:30 pm - Nightmare As A Child
6:00 pm - A Stop At Willoughby
6:30 pm - A Passage For Trumpet
7:00 pm - Mr. Bevis
7:30 pm - The After Hours
8:00 pm - The Mighty Casey
8:30 pm - A World Of His Own
9:00 pm - King Nine Will Not Return
9:30 pm - A Man In The Bottle
10:00 pm - Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room
10:30 pm - A Thing About Machines
11:00 pm - The Howling Man
11:30 pm - Eye Of The Beholder

December 31, 2023

12:00 am - Nick Of Time
12:30 am - The Lateness Of The Hour
1:00 am - The Trouble With Templeton
1:30 am - A Most Unusual Camera
2:00 am - Night Of The Meek
2:30 am - Dust
3:00 am - Back There
3:30 am - The Whole Truth
4:00 am - The Invaders
4:30 am - A Penny For Your Thoughts
5:00 am - Twenty-two
5:30 am - Mr. Dingle, The Strong
6:00 am - Static
6:30 am - A Hundred Yards Over The Rim
7:00 am - The Rip Van Winkle Caper
7:30 am - The Silence
8:00 am - Shadow Play
8:30 am - Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up
9:00 am - The Obsolete Man
9:30 am - The Arrival
9:55 am - The Mirror
10:20 am - The Grave
10:45 am - It's A Good Life
11:10 am - Death's Head Revisited
11:35 am - The Midnight Sun
12:00 pm - Five Characters In Search Of An Exit
12:25 pm - Dead Man's Shoes
12:50 pm - The Hunt
1:15 pm - A Piano In The House
1:40 pm - The Last Rites Of Jeff Myrtlebank
2:05 pm - Little Girl Lost
2:30 pm - Person Or Persons Unknown
2:55 pm - The Gift
3:20 pm - The Little People
3:45 pm - The Dummy
4:10 pm - Cavendar Is Coming
4:35 pm - A Kind Of Stopwatch 
5:00 pm - The Last Night Of A Jockey
5:25 pm - Living Doll
5:50 pm - The Old Man In The Cave
6:15 pm - Night Call
6:40 pm - Probe 7 Over And Out
7:05 pm - The 7th Is Made Up Of Phantoms
7:30 pm - A Short Drink From A Certain Fountain
7:55 pm - Ninety Years Without Slumbering
8:20 pm - Ring-a-ding Girl
8:45 pm - You Drive
9:10 pm - Black Leather Jackets
9:35 pm - From Agnes With Love
10:00 pm - Spur Of The Moment
10:25 pm - An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
10:50 pm - What's In The Box
11:15 pm - The Masks
11:40 pm - I Am The Night - Color Me Black

January 1, 2024

12:05 am - Sounds And Silences
12:30 am - The Encounter
12:55 am - Mr. Garrity And The Graves
1:20 am - Come Wander With Me
1:45 am - The Fear
2:10 am - The Bewitchin' Pool
2:35 am - Stopover In A Quiet Town 
3:00 am - Two
3:25 am - The Shelter
3:50 am - The Passersby
4:15 am - A Game Of Pool
4:40 am - Queen Of The Nile
5:05 am - The Jungle
5:30 am - Nothing In The Dark
6:00 am - Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville
7:00 am - Where Is Everybody
7:30 am - One For The Angels
8:00 am - Mr. Denton On Doomsday
8:30 am - Escape Clause
9:00 am - The Brain Center At Mr. Whipple's
9:30 am - The Long Morrow
10:00 am - Steel
10:30 am - In Praise Of Pip
11:00 am - I Sing The Body Electric
11:30 am - The Changing Of The Guard 
12:00 pm - Four O'clock
12:30 pm - One More Pallbearer
1:00 pm - A Quality Of Mercy
1:30 pm - Once Upon A Time
2:00 pm - The Prime Movers
2:30 pm - The Odyssey Of Flight 33
3:00 pm - The Chaser
3:30 pm - Mirror Image
4:00 pm - Elegy
4:30 pm - The Sixteen-millimeter Shrine
5:00 pm - Number Twelve Looks Just Like You
5:30 pm - Uncle Simom 
6:00 pm - Still Valley
6:30 pm - Long Distance Call
7:00 pm - The Trade-ins 
7:30 pm - The Self-improvement Of Salvadore Ross
8:00 pm - To Serve Man
8:30 pm - The Fugitive
9:00 pm - Hocus-pocus And Frisby
9:30 pm - Nightmare At 20,000 Feet
10:00 pm - Kick The Can
10:30 pm  - Young Man's Fancy 
11:00 pm - Showdown With Rance Mcgrew
11:30 pm - Execution

January 2, 2024

12:00 am - Caesar And Me
12:30 am - The Jeopardy Room
1:00 am - The Parallel
2:00 am - I Dream Of Genie
3:00 am - No Time Like The Past

The Honeymooners on WPIX
December 31, 2023

11:00PM - Funny Money
11:30PM - A Woman's Work is Never Done

January 1, 2024

12:00AM - Pal O' Mine
12:30AM - Hello, Mom
1:00AM - The Deciding Vote
1:30AM - Something Fishy
2:00AM - The Babysitter
2:30AM - Brother Ralph
3:00AM - Pardon My Glove
3:30AM - The Loudspeaker

- WPIX Morning News - 

8:00AM - The Sleepwalker
8:30AM - Matter of Record
9:00AM - Ralph Kramden, Inc
9:30AM - A Dog's Life
10:00AM - Here Comes The Bride
10:30AM - Head of the House
11:00AM - The Worrywart
11:30AM - Trapped
12:00PM - On Stage
12:30PM - Opportunity Knocks, But
1:00PM - Unconventional Behavior
1:30PM - The Safety Award
2:00PM - The Bensonhurt Bomber
2:30PM - Dial J for Janitor
3:00PM - A Man's Pride
3:30PM - Alice and the Blonde
4:00PM - Better Living Through TV
4:30PM - The Man From Space