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Retro RePost: Christmas on Classic Sitcoms

As we approach Christmas, I'd like to make this week's "Friday RePost" about three articles I had a lot of fun writing.  

Going back to watch the holiday episodes of Home Improvement (2020), Roseanne (2021), and last year's Frasier, I really have a ball rewatching these old episodes.  They aren't only funny episodes and sitcom classics, but they remind me of great times gone by.  

I vividly remember watching the Home Improvement episodes at home in our living room every year.  My whole family looked forward to them, and I really enjoyed watching Tim Taylor make the holidays special for his family in his own outlandish way.

Watching the Roseanne episodes reminded me of nights in college as I watched Roseanne reruns in syndication.  I was seeing these episodes for the first time, well after the show ended, either as it played in the background hanging in my friend's dorm room or by myself as I fell asleep late at night.  I really enjoyed that time period and, as I'm sure it does for you, rewatching these classics reminds me of "the good old days."  

Last year, I covered the Holidays on Frasier, which was another show I enjoyed watching with my parents once I got a little older.  

Frasier has a similarity to this year's chosen classic sitcom, Full House, in that during their very long run on the air, both had minimal coverage of Halloween or Thanksgiving.  Frasier, however, featured EIGHT Christmas episodes, while Full House covered the Christmas holiday THREE times.  So, an increase in Christmas coverage that I'm excited to bring you later this month. 

 Until then, please go back and check out my three previous Christmas articles!