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Halloween Retro RePost: My ABC'S Of Halloween

Friday, October 7, 2022

Since Halloween is a big month for us retro nerds, I'll be posting some extra content on Friday mornings featuring some articles I wrote in years past.  

One that never got much attention, maybe because it's a relatively simple post, was my ABCs of Halloween.  Based on a little game that the fellas at The Retro Network would play from time to time, the "ABCs of (insert anything)" would generate conversation and memories as you had to associate a letter with an event, person, place, or thing.  

For a simplified example, for Halloween, W is for Witch.  Easy enough and a fun little exercise.  Can you come up with your own list?  Share it here or drop me a line; I'd love to know what you come up with!

Please check out my post from two years ago by CLICKING HERE TO READ MY ABCs OF HALLOWEEN.  

My ABCs of Christmas

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Well, everyone, we made it to Christmas!  What a fun month it's been building the excitement up for the big day!  Much like Halloween, I've decided to do a fun little ABC's of Christmas, with the help of my lovely wife, Lauren!  You can read that Halloween feature HERE, by the way.

Without further ado, our Christmas ABC list for 2020:

My ABC's of Halloween

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Well, folks... we finally made it.  Halloween!  It's been a long month, and for whatever reason, it feels like Halloween was LAST weekend.  It has to be the Hallmark Christmas movies starting last week that push us forward, never letting us live in the moment...  Or maybe the election is heating up... who knows.  

But we'll dive back to the Halloween season for one more day!  One last post for the 2020 Halloween season, I thought, what better way to wrap up the holiday with my ABC's of Halloween.  Leave a comment below with what you think or if you have ones you think are better!  

Happy Halloween, everyone!  Click on for the list!