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Retro Scans: 1981 Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark Wax Pack

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" is one of those movies I just have to watch when it's on AMC or Paramount or whatever channel seems to play all three Indiana Jones movies in a row all weekend long.  As a rule, the first movie is often the best in any series, and it holds true with "Raiders."  

Something about the sequel, "The Temple of Doom," always has bothered me.  I think it was the creepy little boy (girl?) with the voodoo doll.  The whole thing scared me as a kid and is sort of off-putting.  I don't like that there was no Marion and find Short Round to be a pretty annoying side-kick.  I also think it was the weakest of the movies.  

"The Last Crusade" has really grown on me after watching it time and again during these weekend marathons.  Sean Connery is great as Indiana's dad and I really enjoy the return of the Nazi bad guys like in "Raiders" after that weird jaunt to the underground cult in India, or Pakistan, or wherever.  

I won't even mention "Crystal Skull" because, well, if you've seen it... you know why.

Today, we open a pack of 1981 Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark wax pack for your (and mine) enjoyment!  

It even has a piece of 40-year-old gum in it!