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Retro RePost: 1994's Fox's Halloween Bash

For me, Halloween and television go hand in hand.  The classic sitcoms of my youth, like Home Improvement (CLICK HERE) or Roseanne (CLICK HERE), always enjoyed Halloween the way I felt everyone should.  The 80s and 90s were home to several specials, like Garfield or the campy variety shows we still enjoy rewatching today.  

Coming home from Trick-Or-Treating, I'd dump out my candy on the living room floor and turn on the TV.  My brother and I would enjoy what was left of the new Halloween programs and watch some old favorites.

One of the great programming blocks of the 1990s was "The Fox Halloween Bash."  Watching this annual (back then, anyway) programming while doing homework earlier in the week or counting my candy haul were some of my favorite memories of the Halloween holiday.

Last year I put a lot of research into covering the 1994 Halloween Bash and really enjoyed the final product of my efforts.  It appeared on The Retro Network and my blog here, and if you missed it, please go over and read it by clicking the link below.