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Retro Scans: 1989 McDonald's Roger Rabbit Halloween Coupons

One of the things I looked forward to getting as a gift when I was a kid would be McDonald's Gift Coupon booklets.  These "McDonald's bucks" (as my brother and I called them) would often appear in my Christmas stocking and still smell like the salt and grease of the french fries they sat next to in the bag of food. If you would, please check out my article from a few years back about getting these fantastic old-school versions of gift cards  BY CLICKING HERE.

Rather than run a Happy Meal promotion that targeted children, McDonald's decided to run a special "super-size" promotion for Disney's 1988 movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit."  The move was designed to appeal to teens and young adults, whom the movie was also targeting.  

I recently acquired this Roger Rabbit "Happy Halloween Certificates" on eBay.  There's a lot of these out there, and they are very affordable, but I thought it would be a great addition to this site as we wrap up our Halloween celebration.  

The booklet contained several coupons for 3 different items.  A free ice cream cone, free cookies, or free fruit pie.  At the back of the booklet is a coupon for a free Roger Rabbit car window plush with a purchase of the movie on videocassette.  The seller on eBay included a puffy sticker with my item, so I've included that here for you to enjoy too!

Click on for the photos!